Art Studio and Gallery of John O'Keefe Jr.

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My studio and office is a modest size, but that is just how I like it because I am surrounded by my materials and art supplies. I love to paint under artificial light because I find it to be a consistent environment in which to work, regardless of the time of day. When I want total peace and quiet, I work here.

Artist Studio of John O'Keefe Jr - Studio and Easel! (Closeup View)

Studio and Easel! (Closeup View)

My preferred style is Hudson River School and Classical Realism. I'm not a fan of abstract painting, although I do like many impressionist paintings. As you can see in these pictures, my wife and I like that old world feel when it comes to furniture and decorating. It's warm and relaxing.

Artist Studio of John O'Keefe Jr - Studio and Easel!

Studio and Easel!

This part of the house contains just about everything I own that is related to art and painting. Its just one big space for relaxing and creating.

Artist Studio of John O'Keefe Jr - Studio and Easel! (Far Away View)

Studio and Easel! (Far Away View)


This room is where I keep my reference library of art books and my laptop. I can sit in this room for hours, and this is a really great room for hanging out, and I often get inspired for new works while I'm sitting here. I like the mood in this room because it gives me a sort of old-world feel that compliments my painting style.

Artist Studio of John O'Keefe Jr - Home Gallery and Library

Gallery and Library

I love painting landscapes in the style of the Hudson River School and Victorian-era artists, and in the central part of the house is a room that is authentically decorated in that period. My artworks are hanging on just about every available inch of wall space. Some are completed, some are in progress.

Artist Studio of John O'Keefe Jr - Home Gallery Corner Office

Gallery Corner Office

Most of my paintings are not truly complete without the critique and input of my wife. She has an eye for detail and has sent many of my creations back to the easel for some touch-up work. I love getting feedback from others, and I attribute a large portion of my personal growth as an artist to the feedback that I receive.

Artist Studio of John O'Keefe Jr - Home Gallery and Library Other Wall!

Gallery and Library (Opposite Wall)


Traveling outdoors and viewing various landscape scenes is a large part of my creative process. I am on a never-ending quest to understand nature so that I can better capture it on canvas. Cloud patterns are another element that I study when outdoors. The nice thing about photographing clouds is that they come to you. Much of my cloud reference material was captured from our front porch, and my wife, Jennifer, is the source for most of my cloud arrangements. The entire family goes on what we call "business trips" to parks, rivers, lakes, and other scenic spots around Connecticut to photograph the landscape. When back in the studio I use computers to digitally edit and archive the photographs that I think will be useful in future paintings.

Artist John O'Keefe enjoying the outdoor
Photographing Nature! (...with Panohead tripod adapter)